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What Is TPM?



Thought Pattern Management (TPM) was founded by Robert Fletcher while trying to find a way to help a family member who was suffering from depression.  Robert had read many Psychology books, taken many classes and had not found the answers that he was looking for.  Finally, he was trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and things clicked!  He had found the tools that he needed. 


By using the tools of NLP, Robert, created a structure and uses for these tools.  TPM has since been used for many different aspects from the emotional to the physical.  Robert's work is currently being practiced around the world.


Jared Fletcher is the son of Robert.  He was formally trained in TPM as well as NLP.  He graduated from Weber State University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.  He has been working with clients for the last 13 years as well as training practioners in TPM and consulting with TPM Europe.  He currently lives in Idaho with his wife and six children.  Other than TPM he enjoys hiking, fly-fishing,acting, and dancing.


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